Company Profile

Enhanced Solutions is a Reading based Cabling Company with a solid pedigree in the delivery and support of data networks from cabling systems to control & monitoring solutions.

Enhanced Solutions has been trading for over ten years and is run by a highly motivated individual who has been at the forefront of the data comms industry for over 20 years.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s success and continuing prosperity. An Enhanced solutions installation will always be supported by ourselves and by our strategic partners.

Highlighted below are some key benefits delivered to every Enhanced Solutions customer.

  • Customer focused management team based on small company ethos i.e. Enhanced Solutions exists through delivering customer satisfaction. “We are the complete solution”.
  • Experienced and reliable engineering support is always available to respond quickly to any urgent request for service.
  • Engineers who are familiar with communications cabling design principles and implementation practices.
  • Good track record of high quality, on time installations.
  • Leading edge products available from all major manufactures.
  • Wide range of skills available throughout the companies network of staff and nominated contractors