Maintenance, Moves & Changes

If you are moving office or simply moving staff we provide a full range of services.

We can plan, manage and undertake moves and changes. This can include the moving of employees from desk to desk, IT equipment, floor boxes, data sockets and network infrastructure.

Whether you run a 10 person office in the private sector or you are an employee in a multi-national public corporation, we have the expertise and resources to implement the most cost effective service to ensure business continuity for your staff and your business.

Floor Box Relocation and Installation

Floor boxes through desk moves and employee changes regularly become placed in the incorrect areas or leave desks without enough data and electrical outlets. Health and safety is also compromised through trailing leads. Our service provides for new data and electrical cabling to floor boxes, moving floor boxes from location to location, and replacing floor carpet tiling and cutting to fit.

Crate Relocations

When your employees move within your offices, your crates can be relocated by our team of porters out of hours to minimise disruption to your operations.

Computer Moves

In addition to moving data cabling and floor boxes we can also arrange to move the computer terminals and accessories at the same time providing a system to use straight away.

Desk Moves

As a total solution we can also provide desk moves as well as moving the data cabling and IT equipment.

Data Cable Removal

When you vacate your office there is usually a requirement to return the space as it was. Any old cabling systems whether they are old technology or redundant cabling can be removed and documented.

IT Cabinet Organization

For IT data cabinets that have become congested and cramped with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can provide colour coded cut to length patch leads and reorganise equipment to provide greater space and traceable patching.

Meeting Room Organisation

For meeting tables and desks that suffer from a tangle of cabling for data and power below the work area we can cut all cabling to length and route cabling to provide a neat, inconspicuous cabling system out of reach and damage.

Out of Hours Office Moves

  • Office moves are usually expected out of hours and as a standard option we undertake our office moves after hours and at weekends to minimise disruption. This allows for desks, computers, data and power outlets moving from one position at the close of play and being fully operational the start of the next working day.